Development Overview

Development might be a total mystery to you, or a topic that’s near and dear to your heart. Regardless of your comfort level with tech-speak, our team is ready to dig deep into your goals and needs and provide development support. Ranging from solely consulting, through full front- and back-end development implementation, our services and extended partnerships can make it happen.

Development Consulting

Sometimes you don’t need a partner to execute required development work. What you may need, though, is a brand- and business-centric perspective while preparing for development. Your development team would benefit from our outside perspective and voice before investing the internal time and capital.

Front-end Development

Organizations face significant challenges translating well-designed interfaces into interactive experiences on various devices. Our front-end development team is second to none in making this happen. And if you happen to have an internal front-end team working on your product, we’ll likely recommend you let them remain focused on your product and allow our team to implement the designs we’ve produced. It’s more efficient and effective for everyone.

CMS Development

Many websites are dynamic these days and the content therein changes with some regularity. For content to be updated, someone needs to have the access and capabilities to do so. We build sites on some of the most accessible and friendly content management systems (CMS) on the market. Content will not just be easy to manage, but a pleasure. Our expertise in CMS implementation also makes it possible to integrate your site into nearly any third-party application or data source. As we get to know your organization and needs, we’ll be ready to recommend the perfect solution for you.

Support and Maintenance

No website is ever finished. Between performance and uptime monitoring, further enhancing a user’s experience, or simply adjusting your site to reflect changes to your organization after site launch, a site needs attention following an initial launch. The most effective way to make sure this need is met is to have a partner like Focus Lab who continually monitors certain aspects of your site and responds urgently if a need arises. Our Support and Maintenance service is a great way to ensure the freshness and long life of your website investment.