Discovery & Strategy Overview

A thoughtful discovery process will help us gain an accurate understanding of the breadth and depth of your project so that we can develop realistic project recommendations. These initial phases also teach us about how we can best work together, and how to tailor our approach to ensure success in our project and in every aspect of our relationship.

Branding Strategy

Our strategic process aims at defining a foundation and rationale for your brand, and ensures that the subsequent design process is specific to your needs and those of your end user. It also helps us make recommendations on specific branding assets for the production phase.

Experience Strategy

The strategy for user experience leverages research to create a foundation and rationale for the overall experience. After developing an understanding about your users, their goals, and the experience we want to create, we can define points of interface and interaction. Often this results in visual sitemaps, user flow diagrams, and/or wireframes, which will ultimately be the backbone of the interface design.


Here we dive deeper into researching your existing or future markets, competitors, audiences, and even specific points of interaction. Discovery and strategy give us a clearer picture of where we need additional research on your company and industry in order to present you with informed recommendations for the next phase of the project: production.

Baseline Evaluation

The first step of discovery and strategy is understanding how your organization exists presently by conducting a sort of audit of your current experience, competitive landscape, benefits and differentiators, goals, and audiences. Seeing where you are today allows us to better chart a path toward your future