Multimedia Overview

Photography and videography are powerful means by which to introduce your brand to the world. They help communicate your offerings, values, and energy with your clients or customers. With brand styles, copy-space needs, and aspect ratio, stock multimedia often falls short. Because we value a comprehensive approach to your brand, we offer photography, videography, and motion animation.

Custom Photography

Collaborating with brand and UI designers, custom photography not only melds within the visual aesthetic and brand strategy, but it also fits perfectly within the UI design or your marketing needs. Stock photography doesn’t allow for such flexibility or maintain visual consistency.

Photography Style Guides

Your brand strategy not only informs branding design, but also important aesthetics and features of your photography. Photography offers you a unique opportunity to emotionally impact your target audience and is the quickest means of storytelling: what you stand for and what you have to offer. Ensure that you have a cohesive brand by creating conventions around your photography usage.

Photo Packages

Because our clients are diverse we offer lifestyle, architectural, head-shots, and product photography. Ranging from booking several locations and models, to working within your space and team, we’re able to flex to the scale of the project.

Photo Retouching

Even the best photo needs a little tender love and care. Products need masking out, models need refreshed skin, and lifestyle often needs objects removed. These are the fine details that separate good imagery from great.

Motion Design

Bringing a brand to life through motion can put it into perspective for both the client and the consumers. Motion design helps make things relatable and interactive: it sets the pace in an increasingly connected global storytelling experience. We build kinetic designs that speak to people and stir action.